Hello there! I'm Amal.

I'm an instructional designer living in the NYC/Metro area.

My Work

Instructional Design at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

This page provides an overview of my completed instructional design (ID) projects at NJIT.

Course Design eLearning Module

This sample eLearning module prepares college faculty to collaborate with instructional designers when designing online courses. 

Universal Design (UD) eLearning Interaction

This sample eLearning course is designed to help people define and explain the seven principles of universal design (UD).

Adult Learner WebQuest

This sample WebQuest guides adult learners on how to create a workplace emergency action plan (EAP).

Web-Based Training Proposal

This sample proposal for an eLearning course in travel health and safety demonstrates the planning process undertaken during course design.