Adult Learner WebQuest

WebQuests are inquiry-oriented learning activities that are completed by learners using online, web-based resources.

  • Target Audience: Adult Learners

  • Authoring Tool(s): Google Sites, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Acrobat

  • Year Created: 2018


This WebQuest guides learners on how to create a workplace emergency action plan (EAP), which is a written plan on how to remain safe during workplace emergencies (e.g. fire, flood, earthquake, tornado, etc.).

This WebQuest was developed as a final project for a graduate studies course in the M.S. in Professional and Technical Communication (MSPTC) program at NJIT.

After completing this WebQuest, learners will be able to define what an EAP is, create and write an EAP, and identify the types of emergencies that may occur at their specific workplace, which should be included in their EAP.

Instructional Design

First and foremost, the target audience was identified. Once the target audience was known, the learning outcomes were developed, which informed the content development and procurement process. These learning outcomes included:

  • Review example EAPs to see what EAPs look like

  • Research how to create an EAP for your workplace

  • Use the materials provided in the WebQuest to conduct research

  • Conduct an audit of the workplace to ascertain important information needed to create the EAP

  • Write an EAP using information from the research and workplace audit

  • Present the EAP to workplace management for review and approval

The WebQuest was broken down into several pages including:

  • An introduction page providing an overview of the WebQuest

  • A page that listed the tasks the learners would need to undertake

  • A page dedicated to the process of creating and writing an EAP

  • A grading/evaluation rubric used by the instructor to determine if the learner successfully completed the WebQuest

  • A conclusion page directing the learner to additional resources to help continue developing their EAP

Experience the WebQuest

The WebQuest takes the learner, step-by-step, through the tasks of creating an EAP. The WebQuest provides all of the necessary resources for learners to create their unique workplace EAP. By the end of the WebQuest, the learner will have created an EAP or will have created the foundation for a fully comprehensive EAP set to include all possible workplace emergencies.

The WebQuest itself is online via a Google Site.